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In the 1990s,some welded pipe making equipments were introduced to China for processing and export pipes.  At that time, there were about 70 to 80 production lines all around China, the output of stainless steel pipes were about 50,000 tons, most of the pipes were used for industry, and the domestic pipe making companies focused on processing for foreign companies. Stainless steel pipe was a high-end production at that time, to most people, it`s almost miles away.

After entering 21st century, stainless steel pipe industries in China make a spurt of progress. Not only because of the lower material price, more and more production equipments are made in China mainland, and the processing fee of welded stainless steel pipes costs less, but also with the development of communication technology, especially the Internet, making the global trade and connections more convenient and smooth, stainless steel pipe exports are also initially formed. These favorable factors greatly promote the vigorous development of welded stainless steel pipe industry.


At the most prosperous Yangtze River port,near by the The country's largest stainless steel trading market Longyang has grown rapidly also in the trend of development.Through the improving of stainless steel welding technology,constantly progress of production facilities,yield and quality of our products raised substantially.We are becoming a bright star in stainless steel industry.


In China, ‘Dragon’ is a symbol of auspiciousness, the spirits of dragon also represent diligence, bravery, grittiness, bold creation, honesty and harmony. Sea’ is ocean, it is a symbol of broad mind, the spirits of Sea seem like ones who abandon home to seek their future, they can bear hardships and continue working hard, they are modest and frugal, with broad minds, they are full of dedication, further more, they are often far-sighted, dare to take the adventures and accept the challenges, in their minds, ‘never give up’ is their purpose. We Dragon Sea Company take these spirits as our aims, worker here absorb these good spirits, we hand-in-hand manufacture better stainless steel pipes, we hope to work together to be the top in this industry. ‘Faster Efficiency, Higher Quality, Better Production’ is not only the portrayal of our Dragon Sea Company, but also the aim we are trying to achieve. We believe ‘Dragon Sea’ will be a resounding brand in stainless steel industry in the near future! 

Brand story
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